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The Flash ist ein fiktiver Superheld, der in amerikanischen Comics von DC Comics erscheint. Die Figur erschien zuerst in Showcase # 4, kreiert von dem Schriftsteller Robert Kanigher und dem Bleistiftzeichner Carmine Infantino. Bartholomew Henry „Barry“ Allen ist Forensiker beim Central City PD sowie der Superheld Flash. Barry Allen ist der Protagonist von The Flash. Er ist der Sohn von Henry und Nora Allen, der. Barry Allen Rasmussen (* Juli in Edmonton, Alberta; † 4. April ) war ein kanadischer Rockmusiker. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Werdegang; 2. Die Serie handelt von Barry Allen, einem Forensiker bei der Polizei von Central City, der durch einen Unfall Superkräfte erlangt und dadurch einen enorm stark.

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Mein Name ist Allen, Barry Allen: Ralph folgt in Midway City einem Hinweis auf Sue Dearbon und Barry schließt sich ihm an. Allerdings ist der Speedster . Die Serie handelt von Barry Allen, einem Forensiker bei der Polizei von Central City, der durch einen Unfall Superkräfte erlangt und dadurch einen enorm stark. Bartholomew Henry „Barry“ Allen ist Forensiker beim Central City PD sowie der Superheld Flash.

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Neil Sandilands. Als nur noch 24 Stunden übrig bleiben, um Iris zu retten, sieht sich Barry gezwungen alles zu tun, um ihren Tod zu verhindern. Das Team versteckt Iris auf Erde 2, ohne jedoch Barry davon zu erzählen um zu verhindern, dass Savitar sich an den Aufenthaltsort von ihr erinnert. Richard Brooks. Einige der Metawesen werden in den zum Spezialgefängnis umgebauten Überresten des Teilchenbeschleunigers eingesperrt. Nach dem Sieg über Zoom erklärt Barry, dass er durch die Zeit gereist ist, um zweimal zu erscheinen und dadurch die Zeitgeister anzulocken.

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When Grant Gustin forgets he isn't Barry Allen... Archived from the original on June 22, Barry allen than goes to Powell's car and use the first aid kit to save see more life. Retrieved February 9, Desmond give him Intel about the Ghost's lair and Barry speed to the location. Joan pulls up and suggests that they live with. Later Tina analyzes it and goes back to the apartment with Barry where she explain that its a hallucinogenic drug. Barry as the Flash link runs inside Https:// cell and asks him article source side of the story. Barry uses his ring, which he uses to guardians stream the his Flash outfit, but 3sat pop around the clock silvester 2019 ring instead ejects Professor Zoom 's costume.

Barry also appears alongside Hal in the July issues of Green Lantern tying into the event. Recently, in a fight with Black Lantern J'onn J'onzz , he found a mysterious black residue at Bruce Wayne's grave—a black form coagulating much like blood that started corrupting him by partly decaying his skin and muscle during the fight against his former friend, who is intent on killing both Hal and Barry, seeing how they both died, and in the eyes of the Black Lanterns, must return to that state to keep the universe in balance.

After fighting off the undead Martian and the subsequent Black Lanterns with Hal and the arriving Atom , Mera , Firestorm , and two of the Indigo Tribe members, Barry, along with Wally and Bart, races across the globe to warn every superhero community across the planet.

They all realize that their deceased members would come after them and decide to strike first at Iron Heights Penitentiary , unaware that the undead Rogues are ready for them.

Barry decides to go to Gorilla City to seek aid from its ruler Solovar , unaware the gorilla leader had been killed years before. Finding the city attacked, Barry assumed Grodd had struck only to be horrified to learn Solovar was now a Black Lantern.

Their fight was shortened by Barry racing to Coast City. He stops at the city's memorial, where he witnesses the arrival of the Black Lanterns' demonic lord, Nekron , and his disciples Scar and Black Hand.

Nekron reveals that all the resurrected heroes are tied to him, because he allowed them to rise again. As such they belong to him. Barry and Hal find themselves being targeted by black rings and are forced to flee or risk joining the others as Black Lanterns.

As Barry and Hal rejoin the heroes against Nekron and his army, Ganthet , one of the Guardians of the Universe and a leader of the Blue Lantern Corps , summons a blue power ring and Barry is chosen as a Blue Lantern so he would be more effective during the battle.

After being chosen as a Blue Lantern, Barry joins forces with the veteran Blue Corps member Saint Walker to continue battling the Black Lanterns alongside the understanding of the potentials and limitations of his new power ring.

During the battle, Barry is forced to fight his own grandson, who his ring detects is still alive but would eventually die if not free from the black ring soon.

Barry is shown to be skilled with his ring in creating energy constructs based on his imagination and an ability of flight possibly because of the understanding with Hal's ring , as he is able to create images of Bart as Impulse and Kid Flash against him in order to make him feel again.

Barry's plan almost works as Bart reacts to the images of his past and the constructs begin to attempt to take the black ring from him, but later is interrupted by the Black Lantern Professor Zoom and Solovar.

Wally and Walker later join Barry to fight against them. The new Flash series begins after the completion of Blackest Night and the beginning of Brightest Day.

Under the cover of having been in witness protection , Allen returns to the Central City Police Department's crime lab and returns to the streets as the Flash.

While readjusting to life as the Flash, a man appears out of thin air in the costume of Flash rogue the Mirror Master , and promptly dies on the street.

Hearing of another portal appearing, Barry transforms into the Flash and runs to investigate. When he arrives, a group of people in costumes similar to the Rogues, called The Renegades appear and tell Barry that they are from the 25th century, and that he is under arrest for murdering the "Mirror Monarch".

Barry tells the crew that he has not killed anyone, to which their leader, "Commander Cold", tells him, "Not yet.

But you will. After a brief struggle, where Weather Warlock's time disc was damaged, the Renegades were forced back to the 25th century, which also caused the destruction of an apartment building due to their uncontrolled jump back.

Barry saves everyone in the building, even rebuilding the building in minutes, and goes on to search for the true killer of Mirror Monarch.

He is attacked again by the Renegades, but only before Captain Boomerang shows up, now wielding explosive energy boomerangs. Boomerang fights both the Flash and the Renegades, and a confused Top one of the Renegades from the 25th century questions his teammates on whether or not Barry Allen is the man they are looking for, pointing out that in their timeline, Boomerang never showed up.

An all out brawl ensues as the Rogues battle the Renegades. Meanwhile, Flash is confronted by Top who warns him that the reason he will eventually kill Mirror Monarch is because of Iris's death, which he claims will be caused when the giant mirror breaks, releasing the Mirror Lords.

Top tells Barry that one of the Mirror Lords will possess Iris and take her away from him. Barry races to stop the mirror from breaking, with Top at his side.

However, when the White Lantern entity reaches out to Captain Boomerang, telling him to "Throw the Boomerang", Boomerang responds by throwing dozens of boomerangs in every direction.

One of them hits the glass and it begins to break. Top tells Flash to stop the Mirror Lords, while he goes and protects Iris.

Flash questions does not make sense, but Top throws him into the mirror and flees. In the mirror, Flash is exposed to strange visions of his mother.

Outside, the Rogue Mirror Master tells the others that the mirror is actually a slow acting poison and they flee.

Barry escapes the mirror confused and asks, "Where are the Mirror Lords? Barry is transported to a 25th-century court, while Top confronts Iris.

The story concludes with Barry escaping the 25th century court and going after Top. Top reveals that the reason for all of his crimes is because Barry reopened a previously closed case.

Barry felt that the person convicted was actually innocent. The person who is actually guilty of the crime is one of Top's ancestors.

Top reveals that they do not allow anyone in the Renegades who has any ancestors with a criminal record.

The Flash is able to beat Top, and convict the right man for murder, letting go the innocent man who was sent to prison.

Afterward, the 25th century court and the Renegades go over the facts, realizing that the Flash was right and that their entire record of history is wrong.

This alludes to the upcoming Flash event, Flashpoint. Meanwhile, a man on a Speed Force-powered motorcycle later revealed to be a Speed Force police officer under the name of Hot Pursuit [34] moves through the desert and says that if Barry does not find the flashpoint, it will destroy the world.

As he continues through the desert, Speed Force lightning strikes in the distance. In a Green Lantern storyline, Barry becomes the latest host for the embodiment of fear, Parallax , after he joins Hal Jordan's quest of locating all of the entities who each represent aspects of the power of the emotional spectrum.

Barry was susceptible to the entity's attacks due to his fear for Jordan's safety. DC has also announced via the Flashpoint Friday Blog that Flash 12 will be the last in the series despite a thirteenth issue originally having been announced for sale on May 25, , but which has since been withdrawn.

As the story begins, Barry Allen wakes up in his office and discovers that his mother is alive, there is no trace of Superman , Wonder Woman and Aquaman leading their respective nations in a war, his wife Iris West is unmarried, and himself currently powerless.

He explores what turns out to be a small Batcave until he is attacked by Batman. Barry tries to explain who he is by saying he knows Batman is Bruce Wayne, only to find that in this reality, Batman is Thomas Wayne.

Barry's memories spontaneously change and he realizes that the world of Flashpoint is not an alternate dimension, but his own.

Barry uses his ring, which he uses to contain his Flash outfit, but the ring instead ejects Professor Zoom 's costume.

Barry tells Batman that Zoom is taunting him with it. Barry explains that both he and Zoom have the ability to alter time, leading Batman to ask him about how Bruce was to have lived in his place and if he can really change the world.

Barry states that he needs his speed first. Later, Barry and Batman create an electric chair-like device to try and recreate the accident that gave him his speed; however, the first attempt meets with failure, leaving Barry severely burned.

Barry awakes on an operating table in the Batcave and is covered in bandages and third degree burns.

Despite Thomas' advice, Barry sits back down in the electric chair device. When lightning strikes a second time, Barry's super-speed returns, and he then saves the Batman from being impaled on a fence.

Barry's injuries are healing rapidly due to his speed-enhanced regeneration. He also makes a new copy of his Flash costume. The Flash researches the incarnations of heroes of the DC timeline, believing that Zoom deliberately changed their lives to prevent the Flash from creating a Justice League, and learns of a rocket that crashed into Metropolis which carried the infant Superman, who instead of being raised in Kansas was taken in by the government.

They then contact Cyborg for his help in sneaking into the government bunker of "Project: Superman" that is 'raising' Superman after his rocket destroyed Metropolis upon its arrival, only to be disappointed at Superman's frail appearance.

They head towards Project: Superman's underground base via the sewer. The group comes across a giant vault door bearing the Superman logo.

After they open the door, the three see a pale, weakened Kal-El. Despite his appearance, Barry says that no matter what, Superman will always be a good person.

When the arrival of guards forces them to escape, Superman's powers begin to manifest and he flies off leaving them at the hands of the guards.

While they fend off the guards, they are rescued by Element Woman. Barry's memories begin to change much more drastically, altering his past.

He states that he is running out of time and soon he will not be able to restore the timeline to normal. Cyborg explains to him that they believe Batman was invincible.

However, Barry convinces him that no one is invincible; the Marvel Family and Batman agree to join him. He continues to taunt Barry with this knowledge, but is suddenly stabbed in the back by Batman wielding an Amazonian sword.

Before Barry returns the timeline to normal, Batman thanks him for all he's done and gives him a letter addressed to his son. After this, Barry bids a farewell to his mother, knowing he must travel back in time to stop his younger self from altering time.

Through the fusions of the time stream, Barry seemingly hears a voice explaining that the three timelines and worlds, need to become one again and would need his help to do this.

After the ordeals, he visits the real Bruce Wayne and gives him the letter from his alternate father.

Bruce is grateful to Barry of informing him of the events of the "Flashpoint" before the timeline was apparently returned to normal. He gains his powers after getting frustrated and throwing a small machine at the window of his lab.

The machine broke through the window, leaving a hole big enough for a bolt of lightning to charge through the hole and strike him.

In the second issue of the new Justice League title the first released comic series of the New 52 initiative and "opening shot" of the new DC Universe , Flash is called to assist Green Lantern and Batman in wrangling an out-of-control Superman , and later assists with the pursuit of an alien, revealed to be an agent of Darkseid.

In this new series, the Flash draws deeper into the Speed Force, enhancing his mental abilities while still trying to get a full grasp on his powers, which he does not yet exert total control over.

As revealed in issue 0 of the current series, Barry Allen's father was placed in prison for the murder of his mother.

The murder occurred shortly after Barry returned victorious from a school spelling bee, and Barry placed the trophy he won on his mother's grave in her memory.

While the evidence seems to indicate his father's guilt, Barry makes proving his father's innocence a priority. Barry is also part of the main cast of the relaunched Justice League series, making his debut in the series' second issue.

Following Convergence, Barry has a new suit in issue 41, which has a darker shade and features more streaks. It is revealed that Wally West has been lost in the Speed Force for ten years, realizing during this time that Barry is not responsible of changing the timeline after the Flashpoint crisis, the unknown entity used Barry's time travelling as an opportunity to fundamentally alter reality.

The fallout of the recent Darkseid War allowed Wally to try and reach out to his former friends in the hopes of either returning or warning them of the truth, but each attempt caused him to fall further into the Speed Force.

After realizing not even Linda his traditional "lightning rod" could remember him, Wally sank into desolation and chose to appear before Barry one last time to thank him for the life he had given him.

Just before Wally disappeared, Barry remembered him and dragged him free of the Speed Force. Following a tearful reunion, Wally gave Barry his warning of the true source of the universal change and the dangers to come.

Because of Wally, Barry is now aware that the timeline is not reset correctly after Flashpoint and thus another alternate timeline.

Despite being informed by Wally that another party is responsible, Barry remains in guilt over his mistakes, and seeks to find and stop them in hopes of making amends.

While Wally considers his options, Barry visits Batman to discuss the new evidence of some outside force attacking them, musing on how personal this assault appears, but despite the potential danger, Batman and Barry agree to keep their investigation to themselves until they know what they are up against.

Barry then learned of their marriage in the other timeline as well. Knowing from Thawne that her entire life has been drastically altered and that Barry is indirectly responsible for it as the result of his time-traveling actions, Iris now distrusts Barry.

After gotten rid of the Negative Speed Force, he investigates with the death of Turbine, but thanks to Godspeed's help, he discovers that Captain Cold was the one who killed him because he seeks redemption.

He visits Wally after defeating the Top, he discusses about him telling Iris that he's alive and existed. While he's rekindling his relationship with Iris, the city is being attacked by Gorilla Grodd and his organization the Black Hole.

After defeating Grodd and getting Wally to meet Iris for the first time, they've been encountered by the Renegades. The Renegades take the Flashes and Iris back to the 25th century to get answers about why Iris killed Eobard Thawne, only to discover that Hunter Zolomon has been manipulating everyone as a plot to bring conflict between Barry and Wally for the fate of the Speed Force.

After Wally defeated Hunter, Barry place him under watch at the Sanctuary while he's moving with his girlfriend Iris at her place after Wallace angrily left them.

Barry begins searching for the other forces such as Sage Force and Strength Force after the Force Barrier's broken; he ends up discovering about the four forces conflicting for the control of the Forever Force.

Barry has the ability to run at super-human velocities. He was at times during the Silver Age described as faster than the speed of thought.

Flash , "straining every muscle", he ran at ten times the speed of light. Allen regularly engaged in time travel by using his Cosmic Treadmill device.

His speed also allows him, in certain circumstances, to "vibrate" between dimensions. In Grant Morrison 's Final Crisis , using the Speed Force, Allen was able to undo the effects of the Anti-Life Equation upon an individual: an ability he used on his wife Iris to free her from the bondage of Darkseid 's mind control.

Barry's speed has numerous secondary applications. He can use it to generate cyclones by spinning his arms quickly. Barry can also manipulate the electrical Speed Force energy he generates.

He can channel the energy into arcs of lightning, as well as use the electricity to manipulate magnetism on a minor level.

He has also used the lightning to create blinding amounts of light. By interlocking his lightning with that of another speedster, Barry can short circuit their connection to the Speed Force.

Barry is also immune to telepathic attacks and control as he can shift his thoughts at a speed faster than normal thought. Through "speed-reading", he can absorb large amounts of information into his short-term memory , which remain in his mind just long enough for him to make use of it.

Using this technique, Barry was able to learn enough about building work to rebuild a destroyed apartment building. Other aspects of Barry's powers include an enhanced metabolism, which grants him a regenerative healing factor.

In the New 52, Barry learned that his body is using the Speed Force to its full extent but his brain was not. With the help of Dr.

Elias he was able to learn how to use the Speed Force to process more information, and make even quicker decisions, to the point where he feels like he can see everything before it happens.

In terms of DC's internal lexicon, Barry is classified as a metahuman : a human being who possesses extranormal abilities either through birth or as in Barry's case as the result of some external event.

The Flash has acquired a colorful rogues gallery of villains. Their number includes but is not limited to several who formed a loose association and refer to themselves as the Rogues , disdaining the use of the term " supervillain " or "super-criminal".

These criminals typically have unusually modest goals for their power level robbery or other petty crimes , and each have adopted a specific theme in his or her equipment and methods.

Barry is a college student, working multiple jobs while trying to fund his search for evidence to clear his father's name.

His suit is described as being created using the same material used on the hull of the space shuttle, although it is not clear how he acquired the resources to create it.

By the end of the events of Justice League he has a job as a forensic scientist for the Central City police department.

The song portrays Barry as a tragic character, whose perception of the world is so accelerated that all of reality appears to proceed at a snail's pace, causing him to gradually slip into depression.

The band's frontman, Jim Infantino , is the nephew of Flash Barry Allen co-creator Carmine Infantino , who provided the cover art for the same album.

IGN ranked Barry as the 49th greatest hero of all time stating that even in his year absence, Barry's legacy as the greatest Flash of them all lived on.

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Comic Book Resources. June 13, Archived from the original on September 28, June 2, Aguilar thanked the Flash, wherever and whoever he was.

Barry asked what happened to Trachmann and Aguilar revealed that he was at the hospital with brain damage than the Santero appeared and gave Barry a small vial of powder as a gift to a fan of his favorite wrestler.

Paloma read the writing and explains that it's basically a love potion. Barry smileed and pockets it. The next week, Barry is having dinner at his parents place and voluntary ask if he can clean up the table.

They accept and while they go to watch the TV, Barry uses hi speed to clean it up fast. When he arrives at the living room, he watch the weather forecast and learns about upcoming storms and leaves because Earl is afraid of storm.

Days later, Barry installs a painting in the leaving room until his mother tells him that his father isn't like he used to be these days until he arrives and tell that he is fine.

Shortly afterward, a car shots to their house and Barry manage to save his parents in time. He then runs after that car and found no conductor so he let it crash into a tree.

Later when the police arrive, Barry gives a missing bullet to a detective and when his mother than asks if he can convince Henry to come with her instead of staying but Barry can't but he manage to convince him to come at his apartment since Hix doesn't know him.

Julio than arrives and reveals that the car was stolen from a motel last night. Barry than asks Julio to tell his father that he will meet him at his apartment later but Julio reminds him that he was supposed to go out with Tina and Barry says that he will come up with something.

He then start to hunt Johnny Ray Hix as the Flash and brutally interrogate a former associate of Hix but didn't came up with anything.

Later as Barry, he goes to buys a newspaper from Reggie, a blind seller. Reggie has heard that Barry is looking for Hix, but all he knows is that Hix is still in town.

He also warns that Hix's people stay quiet or they will end up dead before asking how is Henry and Barry says that he is fine. At Barry's apartment, Tina makes small talk with Henry while Barry who is cooking burns dinner.

He then give the burned meat and Henry note that he lived long enough with Nora to know what is burned and what is not.

Henry than talks about Barry's "restaurant thing" with Tina and talk about a time where Barry got sick and Barry nervously taps on a glass before accidentally shattering it, and Tina mentions that she pays golf.

As she and Henry discuss golf, Earl comes down with Barry's costume glove in his teeth. Barry kicks Tina so that she can distracts Henry while Barry gets the glove.

The next day, at the lab, Julio goes over the test results from the car until Pete Donello arrives and have a private talk with Henry while Julio and Barry finish their work until Henry says that he and Pete are going down stairs for a cup of coffee.

By going to the window, Barry notice that Henry is leaving the building with Pete and Barry decided to follow them. At a bar where Henry runs into trouble, Barry as the Flash saves him and beat all the thug and threaten the owner before leaving and going back as Barry where he bring Henry back at the precinct.

The following night, they finds the corpse of Pete in his garden and Barry confront his dad about taking old cases from the precinct and starting their investigation without them.

The next day, at the lab Barry and Julio finds out that the murder weapon is a hunting knife but Henry complains that it doesn't matter what kind of knife it is, the best man that could have resolved the case is in a coffin.

Barry than confront his dad about his criticisms of him and his work and after an argument, they decide to make peace and take a walk.

Later that night, Barry calls his father but he don't answer so he speed to his apartment and find Gruber over his father's body.

Barry punches him and see if his father is okay but he doesn't move. The followin day, Barry is at the lab and calls the hospital to check on his father's x-rays.

Once he hangs up, Barry tells Julio that Henry has a concussion and a few pellets in the arm, but he is otherwise fine.

Barry than goes to the gym and works on the bag at superspeed to let off his frustrations until it finally explodes. Barry as the Flash goes to Gruber's cell and intimidate him to know where Hix is.

Gruber doesn't know where Hix is neither where he got the money to pay him, and Barry speeds out. Back at his apartment, where Henry is home again, Barry and Henry try to work out how Hix got his money to pay Gruber.

Barry figures out that Hix is going after the money from the bank he robbed years ago and realized that Pete has figured it out before dying.

He checks Pete's maps and Henry says that there were boarded-up houses there and they were moved to a new location.

Depressed, Henry tells Barry to call it in and it doesn't matter to him. He admits that Barry was right and he's too old to investigate cases and that costed him Pete's life.

Barry loads a gun and give it Henry because they are going after Hix. His father takes the gun and says that it's time to end it. At the location of Hix money, they were notice by him and his crew and a gunfight ensure.

Barry shot down one of them and when they split up, after that Barry notice that another men is about to kill his father after the latter knocked one of them down, goes as the Flash and knocks him out.

He notice that Hex was about to crush his fahter with a vehicle and Barry kicks him out so that he can save his fahter again.

When Hix tried to climb a construck so that he could avoid arrest, Barry brake it so that Hix falls into the ground.

After this; Barry as himself says that he has called back up and is checking on the man he wounded earlier but Hix gets up and tries to finish Henry but Barry runs into Hix and brutally punchs him multiple time until his fahter stops him saying that it's over.

The next day as Barry repairs the damage to his apartment, Henry wonders why the Flash doesn't show his real face and Barry suggests that one day maybe he will and Henry tells his son that what he did was brave and dangerous.

The older man than tells Barry that he's a cop and a good one, and both leave to the airport to take Nora. At his house when Barry is looking at one of his Arkham expose trophy Phillip's wife Joan Sullivan shows herself and Tina introduces her to Barry.

That night, Barry was taking a walk with Earl until he recognize a drug dealer but when the deal turns out to be a failed arrest and that the two undercover cop were about to be killed, Barry as the Flash take out two of them and pursue the drug dealer who's trying to escape by car.

The dealer shots three bullet that Barry catch in mid air and throw it back to his wheels stooping the car and allowing Barry to tie him.

Later, at the precinct, Barry interrogate the two undercover cops that reveals the existence of a new drug called "Blue Paradise" but when they talk about the Flash Barry act like if he wasn't real.

Julio goes to lunch with Sabrina and Barry caught Terry Cohan trying to jimmy his car open. Terry claims that the car belongs to his father, but Barry takes out his own keys.

When Terry calls for help, Barry shows his badge and books him for car theft. Barry brings Terry to the precinct and asks Tony and Murphy to keep him while he brings an officer for Juvenile Hall.

Barry discus with Carmen Hijuelos, a woman from Juvenile, who tells him that Terry ran away from home nine months ago and has been surviving on petty theft.

She explains that he'll be sent into the foster care system and that the paperwork will take about a week but until then he'll be locked up.

Barry doesn't want to see Terry in jail and Carmen warns him that he can drop the charges but she'll still have to take Terry to Juvenile Hall unless he can stay with a responsible adult.

She guilts Barry into taking Terry in and as they go out to Barry's car, Terry thanks Barry and runs off as soon as he can.

Barry notice Terry going down in the sewer and follows him and that lead him to Central City Zoo.

There, Barry finds his hideout and meet terry's sister Cory Cohan that Barry will bring at his house. At his apartment, when dinner's ready, Barry introduce Cory and Terry to Tina but tina asks what is he going to do with them since he just can't bring them at work and can't leave them alone and Tina suggest that they should ask Joan to keep them since she loves kids.

The next day, Barry and Tina goes to meet Joan at her veterinarian clinic and she assures them that she can handle the children.

When he asks her what Sullivan was working on, Joan says that all she knows is that he was bringing home dead files from college.

Terry and Cory turn the dogs loose, and Joan angrily orders the kids that they'll both walk the dog called Brutus.

Later, at the lab, Julio finds Barry dozing. Barry wakes up and admits that the kids are keeping him up, and Julio gives him the information on Sullivan's murder.

He confirms that the data Barry is looking for wasn't in the explosion since they were supposed to be in leather but since they didn't find any, Barry deduce that it was stolen.

As Barry and Terry leave the station, Barry suggests that they go get some pizza but Terry tells him that they're better on their own.

As they drive off, two person follow them in a van and drive them off the street. Barry is knocked out in the crash, and the two person grab Terry and leave.

When Barry wakes up, he gets his costume out of the trunk and speeds after the van. He ties a cable to the back and the van jerks to a halt and then frees Terry and reminds him to never accept rides from strangers.

Barry brings Terry back to the station and asks why those people grabbed him. Terry claims that he doesn't know anything, and Barry checks their records and confirms that they have drug records.

Julio then arrives and warns Barry that the two guy he arrested are "freaking out" and Barry goes to see them. When he arrives, they've passed out, and Barry goes in to check them out.

They wake up, go berserk, and attack Barry. Bellows and Murphy subdue them than they die from Blue Paradise overdose. Back at the apartment, Barry returns with Terry.

As Cory goes to bed, she confirms that she can't stay there forever, and doesn't believe him when he says they'll find her somewhere that she can.

Joan talks to Barry about Sullivan, who admits that he doesn't have anything on her husband's case yet. Once Terry gets Cory in bed, Barry tells him that the cops are looking for a skateboarding snatch-and-grab artist.

Terry says that he's got Cory to take care of and nobody else will protect her, and Barry asks what he's lifted recently.

When the boy says that he lifted a stuffed animal from a car a week ago, Barry asks to see what he took.

Terry figures that Barry has been setting him up, figures that the Flash is the only one he can trust, and storms out.

As the Flash, he stops Terry on the street and Terry shows his excitement when Barry says that he could test his speed with his skateboard and when they try it, he finds it cool.

When they stoop, Barry lecture him about the fact that he must trust someone that can help him and that will protect him and his sister before running away.

Later, Terry gives the bag that he stool with the puppet from last week and Barry finds a magazine with Beaugarde Lesko face on it and some Blue Paradise.

Later Tina analyzes it and goes back to the apartment with Barry where she explain that its a hallucinogenic drug. Barry tells Tina that the only one who were capable of this was Lesko according to Sullivan's notes and he supposedly died 20 years ago.

After leaving the kids with Joan, Barry goes to the lab and shows Julio the newspaper article on Lesko's death in a plane crash.

His body was never recovered, Barry figures that Lesko faked his death and went underground and calls a police car to watch his home to make sure that nobody will get those kids.

Later, after that Terry ran away, Barry manage to convince Cory what terry is up to and she shows him a disk giving clue that he went out to sell one of the disk.

Barry as the Flash finds Duvivier and after disassembling his car he grabs him asking Lesko's whereabouts and once he cracks, he gives a ways his location and Barry ties him up and delivers him to the station.

Barry than goes to Lesko's lair and punches Lesko. He then asks Terry to get off and while he was about to punch Lesko again, Lesko makes him breath some Blue Paradise.

Out of control, Barry vibrates so fast that he phase through the wall. Outside Terry finds him and Barry realize that he vibrated so fast that he has burned the drug out of his system.

Barry than runs into the lair again put the speaker to max volume before playing electric guitar causing everyone around to be hurt by the sound and the equipment to be destroyed before they can gather them.

He then break the guitar finishing to drive unconscious the remaining members of the gang. Barry wishes them well and hugs Cory. Joan pulls up and suggests that they live with her.

Terry doesn't want to hear it assuming that Barry set him up again, but Cory insists on staying. Barry tries to convince Terry if he's tough enough to do the right thing, and Terry agrees to do it but under one condition, that the next person that asks him to shampoo a cat dies.

The next week, Barry investigate on a crime scene with Julio where a Judge and his wife were killed. Since they found evidence about explosives uses, they recommend Garfield to search to old case and find anyone who has been released that has a history with explosives.

When he left, Barry notice an engagement ring felt of Garfield jacket and give it back and they gave it back to him and says that it's a "big step".

The next morning, Barry is analyzing the explosives but since the equipment is broken, he shake it with his hand to get the result faster and Julio who entered the room caught a glimpse of him using his speed but assume that it was his eyes that blurred.

Julio then reveals that it was made of titanium and Barry decided to pay a visit to Jack Callahan a specialist that they booked years ago.

As the Flash, he interrogates Callahan about the titanium used to create a bomb. When Callahan calls back up, Barry handcuffs them and destroys all of his gunrunning operation and when he interrogates him again, he stills refuses to talk and Barry runs away.

That night at a restaurant with Tina, Barry explain how Callahan was ready to die with his secret and Barry deduce that the man behind the murder must be powerful enough to be feared but Tina reminds him he promised that he would not talk about police related stuff and then Tina reveals that she receive an offer from a research institute in California and Barry realize that he won't be able to see Tina frequently.

Then Frank Dejoy a lawyer and Barry's friend greet him only to be killed by two arrows seconds later. Barry fond a pieces of medallion that resemble the one found on the previous murder.

Barry saw the assassin running away and uses his speed to catch him but the assassin shot him with a laser gun that knocked him unconscious.

The next day, Garfield shouted at Barry for leaving a crime scene and disappearing and Barry show the two pieces of the medallion to justify his investigation and prove that the murders are related.

Garfield tells him that that a god job but he warns him that it doesn't excuse what he has done and the next time it happens, he will get suspended.

Since Barry's back is hurt, Julio recommends him to go see a doctor but Barry asks him to cover him at work for a couple of hours.

Barry ask Julio before living to search anything about cases the judge and the lawyer where implicated in and Julio asks Barry why did he tell the Lieutenant that he was in the lab last night since Julio was there and didn't saw him.

Labs, Tina is mad at Barry for forgetting to call her to say if he was alright after the murder and Barry asks her again if she can fix his back but Tina is still mad at Barry from easily accepting the fact that she could leave to California and Barry leaves.

At the lab, Barry search emblems about who could the medallion represent and asks Julio to go get some coffee and speeds up the process.

But Julio saw him again and Barry tries to tell him that he is a little bit sick. Barry than figures out that the medallion represent the Warriors of Freedom.

And figures out that this used to be the emblem of Jefferson Zacharias's gang and that the murderer is after every one that lead to Jefferson arrest including lieutenant Garfield.

Barry asks Julio to send back up to the lieutenant and Barry speeds away. But the time Barry arrives on the roof, the sniper got away and he finds only the sniper.

Later, as Barry Allen, he took the testimony of some witnesses before Garfield asks him what do they have on the shooter.

Barry explains that the shooter has left the sniper but he suspect Callahan for being the one that sold the weapon.

Garfield orders Barry to leave Callahan and after forcing to much on why Garfield is protecting Callahan, Garfield explains that Callahan was a mole inside the Warriors of Freedom and was the main responsible of taking them down but in exchanges, every aces to his record is restricted.

He then tells Julio to finish the analyze of the crime scene while he goes to Helltown to ask question about the gun pro-curation.

When Barry arrives, he finds Callahan with multiple gun wound and he manage in his last breath to say "Angel".

Barry than found the last pieces of the gang medallion on Callahan's neck. Barry than call Julio to identify a member of the gang tha goes by "Angel" and Julio who read the file explain that Jefferson has a daughter called Angel Zacharias.

When Barry arrives at the station, Julio gave him a file on Zacharias's daughter and reveals her military past and the fact that her parents where divorced when she was 13 and lived most of her life with her mother and that the day after his dad was executed, she ran away from home to join the military until she was discharged last month.

Julio than reveals that Garfield has already taken the first file on her 15 minutes ago and Barry realized that he is not going to arrest her but to kill her.

When Barry arrives, Garfield is on a pressure plate trapped with a detonator and Barry manage to save him but got knocked out in the explosion.

Later, Barry would wake up and speed to the hopistal just in time to save Mavis from being poisoned. After manipalting the grappe hook of Angel to avoid Garfield killing her, Barry meet and avoid all of shuriken on the roof but when Garfield enter the roof, Barry was distracted and got hit in the leg.

When Garfield was about to kill her, Barry manage to convince him that her action was led by hatred like he is led by hatred.

Realizing that he was right, Garfield put the gun down and arrests her. Days later, Barry joined Garfield wedding with Mavis and Julio reveals that he figured out that he was the Flash but Barry tricks him into believing that the Flash is another person by showing up in different place at the same time without Julio realizing that he was gone.

Tina reveals that she has turned donw the offer and ask Barry who is hungry and looking at a pizza truck, to keep a slice for her.

The following week, Barry and Julio went to S. Labs to give back Tina's computer and Barry commentated the fact that their equipment are better that those of the police and Julio asks what does Barry do in S.

Labs those days and since Barry couldn't find a good excuse, he assumes that he and Tina are a thing. Tina than appears and learns that Barry, Julio and Sabrina participate to a telephone game service on TV and Tina agrees to come even if Barry doesn't like it.

Later, at his apartment, Tina rang the bell and Barry uses his speed to get dressed before answering the door. Later, while answering a phone, Barry complains that there is aw woman that called him three time already to match him with her daughter and Joe Kline than asks Barry to move because Joe wants to seat in the middle.

He asks Sabrina is she wants a coffee and she answers that he wants Julio to take one too since he is distracted by another woman.

They go meet Garfield who successfully finish a magic trick. He than asks Julio if he can be his magic partner Monday before introducing Dr Desmond Powell But the stage is interrupted by armed criminals that broadcast a man.

As the Flash, Barry manage to save some civilian from being crushed but the two thugs gets away with it.

Later, after the incident, Barry tells Tina that it was a bad idea to go there. The next morning, Garfield took Barry's breakfast and Powell enter the room and tells them that the man that was on the broadcast, was the Ghost.

Barry than learns about the Ghost background and the existence of a vigilante called "Nightshade" that has defeated him.

At home Barry listen to the new but Kline's broadcast is interrupted by the Ghost that asks the Flash to meet him at S. Barry than suit up and runs into S.

Labs where he disarms the two thugs from earlier but he is trapped in a laser cage. Suddenly, Nightshade shows up and shot Skip with a tranquilizer but is injured by the latter.

Barry manage to break the device that traps him and discover that Nightshade is Dr Powell. Barry than goes to Powell's car and use the first aid kit to save his life.

After bringing him to his car, Desmond tells him that "it's nice to meet the man who picked up the torch" before Barry leaves.

He comes back seconds later as Barry and help Desmond to escape the police. At Nightshade's lair, Barry is surprised about how much Powell has done for the city but that no one remembers him.

Powell than state who would remember the Flash in 35 years before they leave. Later, at the lab, they realize that the Ghost is jamming all connected computers in the city and Desmond states that he will fight him alone in the frustration of Barry.

Desmond give him Intel about the Ghost's lair and Barry speed to the location. At the lair, Barry and Desmond talk about how Desmond defeated the Ghost years ago.

The device that helped to fry his system is broken now and Barry take it to S. Labs so that he and Tina could repair it.

Labs, Barry uses a treadmill to powers the room with electricity and repair the device. During the fight, the Ghost manage to bring Barry into his world and tortures him.

Luckily for Barry Desmond used the device to fry the Ghost's machine and save Barry from his world. Barry than takes off all the wire to neutralize the Ghost and cuff him to a chair.

Later, at Nightshade's lair, Barry tries to reveal his identity but Desmond doesn't want to know.

He then tells Barry that he is retired and that Barry should also start a collection and on this, Desmond give him his mask.

The next week, In S. Labs, Barry is talking to Tina about going horse racing with him and Julio. Tina tells them to go on without her because she's working on a report for her chief administrator employer, Ruth Werneke.

As Barry says that Ruth is tight, Ruth comes in and asks for the report before dawn. Once she leaves, Tina jokingly admits that she wants to strangle Ruth sometimes, and Barry leaves.

At the lab, Barry tells Julio that Tina isn't coming much to Julio frustration as it is in his family tradition to have a woman picking up the winning horse.

Barry than calls Tina but he gets a recorded message in case of emergency lock-down. As the flash, Barry arrives in the front door and find it sealed and when he tries to get in, he receive a shock that pushes him back.

As Murphy and Bellows arrive. As Barry Allen, he tells them to stay away from the door before going in Tina's van and accesses the computer.

Barry rigs up a video hookup through the satellite computer and Tina tells him what happened. She says that Barry can't break the seal because it will trigger an irradiation sequence that will kill both of them.

Tina plays back the video and they watch Bernhardt's death and the release of the chemical into the air system. Tina figures that the thief used an electromagnetic stealth device, and determines that Project Pandora is a project for a government weapons research center to develop nerve toxins.

Ruth is the project coordinator and she insists that the toxins would have never get used, but she points out that the intruder used it.

Emil Velinski is the project director, and Ruth gives Barry an approximate address. But when Barry arrive where he could find Velinski, he is dead with only the blind Reggie as a witness.

Reggie describe the murderer height and breathing and Barry leaves. When Barry returns to the van, Tina tells him that the thief took one of the two vials of the toxin and the one vial of the antidote.

Barry explains that Velinski is dead and Tina warns him that the remaining vial could kill everyone in Central City.

She says that according to the computer, they have less than four hours to live. Barry says that Tina and Ruth are exposed and Quinn says that they've been monitoring Barry's conversations and says that there is no such thing as an electromagnetic stealth device and they'll have the vial back in 24 hours.

Barry points out that the sterilization will kill the women if the agents try to get in but Quinn makes it clear that he don't want Barry to interfere.

He says that the government is under federal jurisdiction and tells Barry to leave. Garfield reluctantly agrees with Quinn saying that the federal government has contacted the mayor.

Later, at the lab, Julio suggest to Barry to jam Quinn's signal and contact Tina via the police network. Once the signal is jammed.

Barry comes in and Tina tells him that she's trying to analyze the toxin. She gave him the name and address of Velinski's assistant, Taylor Cartwright.

Barry manage to bring Cartwright in and but he warns him that it could take days to reconstruct the antitoxin. Barry agrees to help, and Tina asks to talk to Barry alone.

Tina tells Barry to find the other vial of toxin and forget about them and she says that if anything happens to her then he should take care of him.

When Quinn and his people barge in and shut down the jammer, they take Cartwright with them and Barry grabs Quinn.

This caused Quinn to order Edwards to arrest Barry for interfering in a government investigation. Barry tells Quinn that the killer will bring the vials to Quinn when he tries to kill Cartwright like he killed Velinski.

Barry vibrates the handcuffs off and as the Flash, he finds the dying assistant in a car. The invisible man than attack Barry but Barry manage to throw him into the windshield, and the cloaking device shorts out revealing to be Brian Gideon before he disappears.

Gideon is a biochemist and physicist who worked briefly for S. Labs six months ago. Before that he worked for the government.

He lost his security clearance and was fired, and Barry decides to go talk to him as the Flash. A proximity alarm goes off as Barry enters the lab.

Gideon uses the device and fades away, and Barry tells him that there are two innocent women trapped in S. Gideon says that 2, people died in Costa Luca and no one remembers them except him.

Quinn was in charge of the incident and claimed that it was a factory leak. When Gideon went to S. Labs to start over, he found out they were working for Quinn.

He insists that there are no innocents and they are all responsible and convulses briefly. Gideon takes some pills and explains that he has a brain tumor from his time in Costa Luca.

Barry asks for the antidote to save his friend, and Gideon says that they'll all be dead. He states that if people die in Central City, then maybe it will bring Quinn's efforts to the world.

Barry tells Gideon that he'll help him get to the press than Quinn calls on Gideon to surrender telling him that he just wants to talk and Gideon figures that the Flash set him up.

He turns invisible, knocks him back and leaps out the window. Barry manage to grab Gideon's voice log and goes after him as the government agents break in.

Barry returns to the police lab and Tina sends a fax about the heat signature. He faxes back saying that he'll pursue the idea tells Tina not to give up hope.

Julio plays back the voice log and Gideon mentions poisoning the well. The two men realize that Gideon is going to put the toxin in the reservoir.

Barry arrives to the reservoir with the heat-detection device and infrared contact lenses and searches for Gideon.

Gideon injects him with the toxin and Barry collapses. As he goes to the water supply, Barry accelerates his metabolism to burn the toxin out of his body.

The lights flicker, and Barry realizes that the stealth device causes a power surge. He wraps wiring around a pipe to create an electromagnet and burns out Gideon's belt as he prepares to put the toxin into the water.

Dying, Gideon says that someone has to do something and they're all responsible. He warns that the vial is destroyed, and after Gideon dies Barry takes the stealth belt.

Barry speeds in and gets Tina and Ruth out just in time. He figured out that the blood is the antidote, and inject them with it.

Once they are recovered, Barry and Garfield arrive and tell Quinn that they've reported Quinn's activities to the mayor. Edwards confirms that she has been ordered to detain Quinn pending full investigation of his actions and Ruth says that she'll call a press conference to expose his activities.

After the others leave, Barry suggests to Tina that they use her computer to place bets on horse racing.

She says that the only horse that she'd bet on is the Flash. Barry goes over to Quinn and offers him the dismantled stealth belt, and says that Flash delivered it to him.

The next week, Barry is watching Joe Kline's news report which tells that Wayne Cotrell, a saxophonist is about to be executed tonight for the murder of Linda Lake.

He notices Julio disagreement for his execution with during an argument with Garfield since Julio strongly believe that he is innocent.

A Musician called Dave Buell calls the lab looking for Julio but as Julio has just stormed out of the lab after an argument with Garfield he gives Barry a message.

He has stolen a tape that will prove Wayne's innocence and wants Julio to meet him at the Take Five club in 15 minutes.

Before he has a chance to hang up Dave is attacked and murdered and Barry speed to his location. Seconds later, Barry as the Flash arrives but only finds his hat and the tape is crushed by a truck.

Barry tells Julio to meet him at Take Five after warning him about Dave's message in five minute. When Barry entered the club, he saw Elliott Cotrell, Wayne Cotrell's brother giving an interview to Joe Kline talking about the innocence of his brother and Barry finds Dave's trumpet case and notices that Julio almost started a fight with the security guard Whisper.

After that Elliott stopped the fight, he recognises Barry as he is a regular patron of the club. Barry asks Elliott if the rumour of unreleased tracks by Linda are true.

Elliott says if they exist and if he finds them he will release them for all her fans to hear.

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