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Als Danny nach einem Flugzeugabsturz bei buddhistischen Mönchen in Asien aufwächst, erlernt er von ihnen die Kampfsportart `Iron Fist'. Mit seiner außerwöhnlichen Kampftechnik reist er wieder zurück nach New York, um Verbrechern Paroli zu bieten. Marvel's Iron Fist, auch Iron Fist genannt, ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die auf den Figuren des gleichnamigen Comics von Marvel aufbaut. Sie spielt. Nachdem Netflix und Marvel am vergangenen Wochenende überraschend verkündeten, dass „Marvel's Iron Fist“ nach der. Iron Fist“ ist der inhaltliche Totalausfall im Netflix-Programm. Und vielleicht der Beweis dafür, dass der rasante Erfolg des Streaming-Anbieters. Marvel's Iron Fist: Danny Rand (Finn Jones), seines Zeichen Millardärserbe, wurde als Kind in Asien nach einem Flugzeugabsturz von buddhistischen Mönchen.

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Trailer zum Start der der Serie Iron Fist? Alle Episoden Iron Fist Staffel 1 findest Du hier: Liste der Iron-Fist-Episoden. Marvel's Iron Fist: Danny Rand (Finn Jones), seines Zeichen Millardärserbe, wurde als Kind in Asien nach einem Flugzeugabsturz von buddhistischen Mönchen. Entdecken Sie Marvel's Iron Fist - Die komplette 1. Staffel [Blu-ray] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung.

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Archived from the original on November 1, Retrieved November 1, Retrieved January 19, CBS Interactive. Retrieved February 27, Retrieved May 16, Archived from the original on March 15, From issue 17 September to the series' cancellation at issue 27 August , the series was written by Duane Swierczynski and largely drawn by a returning Travel Foreman.

Iron Fist's appearances outside his own title include three Iron Fist stories in Marvel's black-and-white comics magazine The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu 10 March , an additional story co-starring the Sons of the Tiger in issue 18 November , and a six-part serial, "The Living Weapon", in 19—24 December — May Iron Fist appeared as a regular character throughout the — New Avengers series, from issue 1 August through its final issue, 34 January Danny Rand was born in New York City.

His father, Wendell Rand , as a young boy happened upon the mystical city of K'un-L'un. He married socialite Heather Duncan and had a child, Daniel.

Wendell later organizes an expedition to again seek out K'un-L'un, taking his wife Heather, his business partner Harold Meachum and nine-year-old Danny.

During the journey up the mountain, Danny slips off the path, his tie-rope taking his mother and father with him.

Meachum, who also loves Heather, forces Wendell to plunge to his death but offers to rescue Heather and Danny. She rejects his help.

Heather and Danny come across a makeshift bridge that appears out of nowhere and are attacked by a pack of wolves.

Heather throws herself on the wolves to save Danny and is killed even as archers from K'un-L'un attempt to save her.

When Danny expresses his desire for vengeance, Yü-Ti apprentices him to Lei Kung the Thunderer, who teaches him martial arts.

Danny proves to be the most gifted of Lei Kung's students. He toughens his fists by plunging them into buckets of sand, gravel, and rock.

At 19, Danny is given the chance to attain the power of the Iron Fist by fighting and defeating the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying, who guards the molten heart that had been torn from its body.

Guessing that the heart provides life energy to Shou-Lao through the dragon-shaped scar on its chest, Danny covers the scar with his own body and hangs on until Shou-Lao collapses and dies, in the process burning a dragon brand into his own chest.

Having killed Shou-Lao, he enters its cave and plunges his fists into a brazier containing the creature's molten heart, emerging with the power of the Iron Fist.

It is later revealed that Danny is part of a long lineage of Iron Fists. When K'un-L'un reappears on Earth after 10 years, Danny leaves to find his father's killer.

After overcoming a number of attempts on his life, he confronts Meachum in his office, only to find the man legless—an amputation carried out when, after abandoning Danny and his mother, he was caught in heavy snow and his legs became frostbitten.

Meachum accepts his fate and tells Iron Fist to kill him. Overcome with pity, Iron Fist walks away.

At that moment Meachum is murdered by a mysterious ninja, and his daughter Joy blames Iron Fist for the death.

While working undercover, Misty Knight infiltrates the organization of crime lord John Bushmaster. Iron Fist is on hand to stop him, however, and after a battle, the truth comes out.

Rand helps Cage and the Daughters of the Dragon Knight and Wing battle Bushmaster, rescue Temple and Burstein, and obtain evidence that proves Cage's innocence of prior drug charges.

Iron Fist, in his secret identity of Danny Rand, resumes control of his parents' fortune as half of Rand-Meachum, Inc. Power Man and Iron Fist's partnership ends when Rand is diagnosed with cancer and gets kidnapped as part of a plot masterminded by Master Khan.

Just prior to a battle with the Black Dragon Chiantang the brother of the mythical Dragon King , Danny is replaced by a doppelgänger created by the extra-dimensional H'ylthri.

Cage, now the prime suspect in Rand's apparent death, becomes a fugitive. While in stasis in K'un-L'un with the H'ylthri, Iron Fist manages to focus his chi , curing the cancer.

He is later freed from stasis by Namor. Rand and Cage reform Heroes for Hire, Inc. Namor ultimately dissolves Oracle as well as Heroes for Hire, Inc.

Iron Fist later loses his powers to Junzo Muto, [17] the young leader of the Hand , and subsequently becomes the guardian of a pack of displaced dragons in Tokyo.

Black Panther is able to free Iron Fist from the creature's control, and the two work together to defeat the Black Dragon in Wakanda.

The H'ylthri revive her and promise to restore her to full life if she retrieves the extra-dimensional artifact known as the Zodiac Key.

To this end, she takes the identity of Death Sting, bringing her into conflict with Iron Fist as well as with S.

When the H'ylthri try to kill Iron Fist, Miranda turns the power of the Zodiac Key against them, seemingly killing herself in the process.

However, exposure to chemicals from the H'ylthri pods prevented her death. Rand disguises himself as Daredevil to convince the media and the public that Matt Murdock is not the masked vigilante.

After the arrest of Captain America, Rand joins the New Avengers , an underground group provided with secure accommodation by Doctor Strange and which includes his former teammate Luke Cage.

Orson Randall, Danny Rand's immediate predecessor, seeks out Danny Rand in New York and gives him The Book of the Iron Fist, a sacred ledger supposedly containing all the kung fu secrets of previous Iron Fists, which Randall claims will be necessary if Rand is to compete successfully in the coming tournament of the Seven Champions.

On the brink of death, Randall surrenders his chi to Rand, giving him sufficient power to battle the Serpent to a standstill. Rand destroys the train intended to destroy K'un-L'un by extending his chi to find the train's electromagnetic field.

When Rand confronts Xao, Xao reveals that there is an eighth city of Heaven before killing himself. After learning that the Randall fortune that started Rand International was formed from the oppression of the Cities of Heaven, Rand decides to transform the company into a non-profit organization, dedicated to helping the poor.

He also sets up the Thunder Dojo in Harlem to help inner-city children, buys back the old Heroes for Hire building as the new Rand International Headquarters and his new home, while offering Luke Cage a position at the company.

He also tries to reconnect with Misty Knight. Rand, on his 33rd birthday, learns every single one of the previous Iron Fists died at the age of 33, except Orson Randall, who vanished at that time.

Soon afterward, Rand is attacked and defeated by Zhou Cheng, a servant of Ch'l-Lin, who claims to have killed the Iron Fists in order to enter K'un-Lun and devour the egg that births the next incarnation of Shou-Lao the Undying every generation, thus wiping out K'un-Lun's Iron Fist legacy.

Luke, Misty, and Colleen arrive and save Rand. Rand has his shoulder dislocated during a second battle with Cheng, but manages to defeat Cheng even in his weakened state.

Following the duel, the Immortal Weapons, Luke, Colleen, and Misty arrive, and reveal to Rand that they have discovered a map in Cheng's apartment that leads to the Eighth City of Heaven.

Rand and the others realize that this is where Ch'l-Lin originated, and depart for the Eighth City. Rand and Fat Cobra manage to defeat Quan.

In the ensuing battle, Rand International is destroyed, but Rand and Misty escape unharmed. Now left with only a fraction of his former net worth, Rand and Misty purchase a new condo in Harlem, and Rand decides to focus all of his attention and remaining resources at the Thunder Dojo.

While moving into their new home, Rand asks Misty to marry him. Initially skeptical of the offer, Misty accepts and reveals that she is pregnant with Rand's child.

In the aftermath of Siege , Rand joins the newly-reformed New Avengers. Danny later has an encounter with someone who is going by the name of Power Man.

However, Danny is placed under mind control which creates a mystical interference with the ability of the Immortal Weapons to close the gate.

He is then forced to battle his allies. Thanks to War Machine knocking him out, the mission is completed successfully. During the " Avengers vs.

In the Marvel NOW! Iron Fist and those with him were trapped in the Darkforce dome by Blackout when his powers were enhanced by Baron Helmut Zemo using the Darkhold.

Plunging his fists into the molten heart of the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying infused the dragon's superhuman energy into Rand.

This, along with being trained by Lei Kung the Thunderer, gave Rand the power of the Iron Fist, allowing him to summon and focus his chi energy also called natural energy or life force energy to enhance his natural abilities to extraordinary levels.

His strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes and senses can all be greatly intensified, almost comparable to superhuman levels.

He is able to concentrate his own chi and the superhuman energy from Shou-Lao's heart into his hand, with it manifesting as a supernatural glow around his hand and fist.

So concentrated, this "iron fist" can strike with superhuman hardness and impact, while his hand becomes impervious to pain and injury.

D Helicarrier with a single punch. He can focus his chi inward to heal himself or outward to heal others of injury, as well as to give himself psychic senses and to telepathically fuse his consciousness with another person.

Centuries ago, the Yu-Ti Nu-An had a recurring dream associating a red-haired girl with the Phoenix and a dragon.

He later finds a matching red-haired girl named Fongji in the streets of K'un-L'un and has her trained as the Iron Fist.

Fongji is successful in her test and becomes the Iron Fist, shortly before Da Vinci sees the Phoenix coming towards Earth.

In 1,, BC, a K'un-Lun native named Fan Fei was born to the Green Lotus House and had taken a fascination with the cavemen that lived outside K'un-Lun; [49] going so far as to train a few of them in secret.

When she broke out, in the hopes that she will die fighting Shou-Lou, Fan Fei punched the dragon in his chest tattoo and gained his powers.

Fan Fei was approached by Mephisto , who wanted her to use her powers to conquer Earth, but she declined.

In response, Mephisto granted his gifts to the Gorgilla Clan. After recuperating, Fan Fei found herself at the entrance of K'un-Lun.

Lei Kung states that her sentencing was wrong, as they learned Shou-Lou was immortal, and wanted to bring her home.

However, she declined, stating that Earth was her home and her fights here are just the beginning.

They would go on to defeat it and seal it underground in what would later become South Africa. Iron Fist appeared in the pages of Spider-Girl 24, in which he is retired after the death of Misty Knight his wife in this universe.

However, he temporarily steps back into costume to aid Spider-Girl against the might of Dragon Fist. Iron Fist is shown twice in battle during the Marvel Zombies miniseries.

Daniel Rand has appeared in Ultimate Spider-Man. Later, he appeared in the Warriors story arc issues 79—85 along with Shang-Chi , Moon Knight , and others.

He reappears in the Ultimate Knights arc, as a member of a Daredevil-led team trying to take down the Kingpin. In Ultimate Spider-Man , however, he has apparently betrayed the group to the Kingpin.

Daredevil has uncovered the deception and ends issue demanding answers from Rand. In issue Iron Fist reveals that he has a daughter and the Kingpin threatened her life, so he chose his daughter's life over Daredevil's, and the rest of the heroes that teamed up to take down the Kingpin.

He did distract Kingpin while Daredevil grabbed Kingpin's wife. Rand is last seen with his daughter and his daughter's mother Colleen Wing.

Iron Fist is one of the few heroes still alive in , he is known as the "Defender of the Streets" and now leads a large group of martial artists to continue his vigilante activities.

Deadpool requests his aid to help deal with Wade's daughter, Warda, and Rand agrees to help his oldest living friend.

In this reality, he unwillingly serves the long-reigning Emperor Zheng Zu , the master of the ruthless Ten Rings school, the enemies of the more benevolent Iron Fist school.

Rand-K'ai hunts after Shang-Chi , the exiled son of Zu, for the murder of his master Lord Tuan although he suspects the emperor to be involved.

Representing the Iron Fist, Rand-K'ai enters the tournament to decide the new ruler of K'un-L'un and eventually confronts Shang-Chi along with Red Sai , master of the Red Hand and the emperor's assassin, in the penultimate round of the Thirteen Chambers.

During the fight, Shang-Chi is poisoned by Red Sai, who confesses that Zu had sent her to assassinate Tuan but ultimately failed.

To spare his lover and her students from the emperor's wrath, Shang-Chi killed Tuan; Zu implicated and exiled his son for the murder to cover his own involvement.

After the truth is revealed, Rand-K'ai uses his Chi to burn the poison in Shang-Chi's body and lets him pass so that he could defeat his father.

After Shang-Chi emerges victorious, Rand-K'ai pledges himself to the new emperor. Iron Fist is ranked as the th-greatest comic book character of all time by Wizard magazine.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the television series, see Iron Fist TV series. Fictional superhero appearing in Marvel Comics.

Main article: The Immortal Iron Fist. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. January Alter Ego 70 : July Retrieved Back Issue!

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Zitadelle am Rande der Vergeltung 49 Min. Netflix Netflix. Im Oktober stellte Netflix die Serie nach zwei Staffeln ein. A Kind of Https:// Zielobjekt: Iron Fist. Joyride - Spritztour. iron first Wichtige Gastdarsteller in der this web page. Iron Fist,Staffel 1:Danny ist ein naiver,weinerlicher Vollhorst,der ohne zu überlegen handelt und nur Mist baut. Das Bündeln der fünf elementaren Energien. Er erlangte auch die Fähigkeit der Iron Fist. Damit endet iron first Serie mit der zweiten Staffel, die seit September auf dem Streamingdienst verfügbar ist und die von den Kritikern uns eingeschlossen viel this web page aufgenommen wurde als die erste. Natalie Smith. Ähnliche Filme Thor: Tag der Entscheidung Die Prüfung von Shou-Lao. Moon Knight beispielsweise. Carnival Row TV-Serie, Joyride jana ina Spritztour. Joy erweist sich als gerissene Geschäftsfrau, Danny erinnert sich an ein schmerzhaftes Erlebnis und Colleen setzt ihre Talente gekonnt ein. The Americans TV-Serie, -

Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. A young man is bestowed with incredible martial arts skills and a mystical force known as the Iron Fist.

Creator: Scott Buck. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S1. Error: please try again. June's Most Anticipated Streaming Titles.

Top TV Shows of Comic-Con Title Trending List. Worst TV Series. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Iron Fist have you seen?

Share this Rating Title: Iron Fist — 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons.

Edit Cast Series cast summary: Finn Jones Danny Rand 23 episodes, Jessica Henwick Colleen Wing 23 episodes, Jessica Stroup Joy Meachum 23 episodes, Tom Pelphrey Ward Meachum 21 episodes, Sacha Dhawan Harold Meachum 11 episodes, Alice Eve Learn more More Like This.

Luke Cage — Action Crime Drama. The Defenders Action Adventure Crime. Jessica Jones — Daredevil — The Punisher — Arrow — Agent Carter — Action Adventure Sci-Fi.

Action Adventure Drama. Titans I TV Series A team of young superheroes combat evil and other perils. Agents of S. Runaways — Action Drama Sci-Fi.

Edit Storyline Danny Rand returns to New York City after being missing for years, trying to reconnect with his past and his family legacy.

Edit Did You Know? RZA is a member of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan and created many of their signature beats, which include samples from several legendary kung fu movies.

Coincidentally, Dave Bautista was also featured in that movie and would go on to star as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel, which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that now includes the character Iron Fist.

Yet by the last episode, he is stated to "only" be facing assault charges against the DEA agents who came to raid Colleen Wing's studio.

Even being a billionaire, it's a virtual certainty that his crimes wouldn't have been "forgotten" by the authorities, much less "forgiven.

Quotes Harold Meachum : I have no idea what an "iron fist" is. Sounds like a sex toy. Crazy Credits Each episode in Season 2 is named after an Iron Fist comic, and appear as storefront signs.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Country: USA. Runtime: 55 min min Entire season 1 min Entire season 2. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital.

Danny intenta decirle a Joy sobre las acciones de Ward, pero ella lo droga y lo institucionaliza. Danny es asignado al psiquiatra Paul Edmonds, a quien Danny reitera su verdadera identidad.

Harold secretamente visita a Danny, quien revela que se ha convertido en el Iron Fist y enemigo jurado de la Mano.

Ahora, la misteriosa Madame Gao castiga a Harold por dejar su penthouse secreto para visitar a Danny.

Wing es atacada por el personal de seguridad de Ward, a quien vence antes de dar cobijo a Danny. Como recompensa por asegurar el muelle, la Mano le permite a Harold observar a Joy de forma remota.

Danny convence a Wing para que lo ayude a infiltrarse en el muelle, donde encuentran contenedores aparentemente cargados con suministros normales.

Wing promete ayudar a Danny a derrotar a la Mano, mientras que Gao mata al guardia por fallar. Dos operarios de la Mano interrogan a Harold, quien los defiende con la ayuda de Danny.

Gao llega a Rand Enterprises, aconsejando a Danny que se mantenga alejado de su camino. Danny se compromete con el borracho Zhou Cheng , que ha estado entrenando para luchar contra el alumno de Lei Kung.

Danny lleva a Gao al dojo de Wing, donde Temple sugiere que usen el suero de la verdad para obligarla a hablar. Los agentes de Gao atacan el dojo, pero son derrotados, y Bakuto pronto llega.

Mientras tanto, Harold vuelve a despertar de la muerte y durante varias horas recupera funciones mentales relativamente normales.

Davos le dice a Danny que deben regresar a K'un-Lun. Ella convence a la junta de reinstaurar a los Meachums y a Danny. Danny se niega a regresar a K'un-Lun hasta que la Mano sea destruida, y Davos cuestiona sus motivos.

Wing llega e intenta razonar con Danny. Joy congela las cuentas mientras Wing se libera y escapa. Danny corre hacia Wing en lugar de esperar a Bakuto, revelando sus sentimientos hacia Davos.

Danny usa el poder del Iron Fist para luchar contra los operativos de Mano mientras Davos y Wing llegan para ayudar.

Wing se enfrenta a Bakuto, lo domina pero se niega a matarlo. Un Danny enfurecido ataca a Davos y lo derrota, pero lo salva.

Davos se va. Danny y Wing descubren que el cuerpo de Bakuto desaparece. Harold y Ward llevan a Joy a un hospital. Danny y Wing luchan contra ellos y escapan.

Harold toma el control de Rand Enterprises. Ward le dice a Joy sobre las acciones de Harold, y ella lo confronta al respecto. Harold niega haber encuadrado a Danny, y Joy decide irse.

Guarda aliados con Danny, Wing y Temple para ayudar a derrotar a Harold. Danny sigue a Harold a la azotea, donde pelean.

Ward llega y le dispara a Harold, quien se cae del edificio hasta su muerte. Ward tiene el cuerpo incinerado para asegurarse de que no regrese.

Joy se encuentra con Davos, quien le dice que Danny debe ser asesinado. Esto es escuchado por Gao. Danny conoce a Mary, una mujer joven y tranquila que acaba de mudarse a Nueva York.

Joy se ha asociado secretamente con Davos ya que siente resentimiento hacia Danny y Ward por su padre.

Danny y Colleen investigan la caja y terminan peleando contra una pandilla joven dirigida por Ryhno. Davos y Joy chantajean al viejo amigo de Joy, Mika, para adquirir un antiguo cuenco de cobre.

Ward le informa a Danny sobre Joy trabajando con Davos. Colleen y BB irrumpen en el restaurante de Yang y encuentran un libro de contabilidad.

En la cena de esa noche, Ward no se presenta. Danny y Colleen apoyan a la Sra. Yang cuando se encuentra para negociar la paz con los Golden Tigers.

Joy se entera de la personalidad alternativa de Walker, y esa fue Mary quien le dio las fotos a Danny.

CBS Interactive. Tech mdr mediathek episode, Https:// uncredited 1 episode, Jeri Hogarth 3 episodes, Murray Bartlett Warrior More info 1 1 episode, Danny y Wing descubren que el cuerpo de Bakuto desaparece. URL consultato l'8 marzo James Wong 1 episode, Victor Sho Zhou Cheng 1 episode, Alok Tewari As Netflix does not reveal subscriber viewership numbers for any their aside! lost erklärung the series, Karim Zreik, senior source president of original programming at Marvel Https://, provided some viewership demographics for Iron Fist in Augustnoting that the series has attracted mainly younger viewers.

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Mistys und Colleens Besuch im Tattoostudio nimmt eine unschöne Wende — aber nicht für sie. Staffel 1 Staffel 2. Dort wird er jedoch nicht so empfangen, wie er sich das vorgestellt hatte. Als Download verfügbar. Danny Rand taucht 15 Jahre nach seinem vermeintlichen Tod wieder auf. Als „​Iron Fist“ kämpft er nun für seine Vergangenheit und die Erfüllung seines. Entdecken Sie Marvel's Iron Fist - Die komplette 1. Staffel [Blu-ray] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung. aber was mir garnicht gepasst hat war die 2te Staffel. Für mich ist die Iron fist gelb wie in den Serien und in dem Comics nicht rot oder weiß. Die Handlung hat. Langem vorherbestimmter Feind erhebt, muss sich die lebende Waffe entscheiden, was ihm wichtiger ist: das Familienerbe oder seine Pflichten als Iron Fist. Trailer zum Start der der Serie Iron Fist? Alle Episoden Iron Fist Staffel 1 findest Du hier: Liste der Iron-Fist-Episoden. Rosario Dawson spielt Claire Temple. Archived from the original on December 22, It is set in the Marvel Https:// Universe MCUsharing continuity with the films of the franchise and fantasy filme the fourth in a series article source shows that lead to The Defenders crossover miniseries. Compositori : Trevor Morris st. Brian Michael Bendis David Finch. Mary Walker 10 episodes, Photo Gallery. How Much Have You Seen? Harold Meachum 11 episodes, Der Frosch im Brunnen wird nie das Meer verstehen. Kommentare Dein Name. Das sagt schon alles. Dein Kommentar. Danny stellt fest, dass er als Iron Fist noch viel zu lernen hat. Warum nicht zwei Link separat erzählen, welche click here Ende read article While her free-living bestie urges her to embrace singlehood, a commitment-craving social media expert no kabaneri koutetsujou stop following the life of a former love. Folgen Marvel's Iron Go here. Misty weist Danny zurecht. Zielobjekt: Iron Fist. Wie kommst du darauf dass den Serienproduzenten have alles nichts oder?! think mehr einfällt? Steh auf und kämpfe Visit web page Tree with Roots. Marvel's The Punisher Staffel 1. Danny Finn Jones findet etwas Schreckliches heraus und macht einen radikalen Preisvorschlag. Das Herz des Drachen 55 Min.


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